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i’m a growth hacker specializing in acquisitionactivationretentionreferral

I work with various startups & corporates to help them achieve sustainable and scalable growth.


Building user traction to the product

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Improving the first-time experience for users

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Make sure users come back multiple times

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When Word-of-Mouth kicks-in

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about me

Hi there. I’m Yannis Karagiannidis. The industry classifies me as a Growth Hacker and I’m based in London, United Kingdom. What I actually am is a full-stack performance marketer.

A growth hacker for me is nothing more than a person who sits somewhere between performance marketing, product & analytics with a business mindset. The growth hackers cares a lot for all the stages of the user journey; from awareness to advocacy.

Over the course of the last 10 years, I’ve built and scaled web and mobile products for myself, as well as worked with 50+ companies to help them with their growth. I have covered a wide range of industries, such as Travel, Fashion, Finance / Fintech, Cloud as well as different business models, such as Ecommerce, SaaS, Retail and on-demand platforms across all platforms.

Growth hacking without BS is my motto. The last few years that growth hacking has picked up as a trend, the industry has suffered from big amounts of philosopher growth hackers. My approach differs a lot; I work in a lean, efficient and trackable way – no BS.

You are probably reading this because you’ve been looking for a Growth Hacker in London or remotely. If you want to say hi, drop me a line here.

what I enjoy doing more

Acquisition & Lead Generation
Onboarding & Activation
Funnel Optimization
Metrics & Analytics
Referral Programs
Performance Marketing

people ask me..

Are you a Growth Hacker based in London?

Correct – Growth Marketer / Performance Marketer based in London, UK. I also work remotely.

my latest growth articles

The bona fide value of Technical SEO

The bona fide value of Technical SEO

I’ve been surfing around the web tonight and I bumped into an article on LinkedIn written by Clayburn Griffin, who is coincidentally the owner of a Digital Marketing agency based in NYC. The specific article for me is part of the vice circle of poorly written marketing material which aims to attract visitors that probably […]

companies I worked with..

available for freelance