Hey Google, you ‘ve got a typo error on your 404 pages for a long time


I don’t remember when this error firstly appeared but I’m sure this error exists for at over a year. The META Title of Google’s products that return a 404 HTTP Status code contain an annoying typo error.

@Google engineers, could you fix the exclamation mark of the meta title?

My first experience with YPlan in London


A couple of months ago, while I was heading back home from a long day in the office, I notice in the tube a very attractive ad of a very promising London start-up, YPlan. I’ve been playing around with the app for a long time looking around for events but didn’t proceed into a booking, despite the fact that I was kindly offered a generous £7 coupon from YPlan in order to try the service.

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Google adds Structured Data Error reports on Webmaster Tools


Google’s Product Manager Michael Fink today announced the release of Structured Data Error reporting functionality on Google Webmaster Tools dashboard, on my personal account. The initial promise for this tool from Google was made a couple of weeks ago from Matt Cutts during a Q&A session on SMX Advanced Seattle

Through a first sight, this new feature is going to substitute the reporting of unique pages that are crawled from Googlebot and contain structured data items.Structured Data Errors are now displayed in the structured data graph but additional data can be found on the tables in the same or lower level of the account.

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Verify your website on Google Webmaster Tools via Google’s Tag Manager


Google has recently announced the addition of a new verification method for website’s added by web masters on Google Webmaster Tools. The new verification method makes use of Google Tag Manager.

The verification via Google’s Tag Manager is only one click away if the web master is using the container snippet code. The container snippet code is provided on the setup process of a new website and the code looks like this:

The above code is placed immediately after the opening <body> tag of every page of a website. With this snippet, you ‘ll be able to verify a domain name on Google Webmaster Tools with only one click. Very useful tool for people who are managing websites in large / blue-chip companies, where there are many dependencies on other teams for on-site changes.

This addition might be the occasion for many people who currently don’t use Google Tag Manager and in this way take advance of other Google products like AdWords Remarketing, DoubleClick Floodlight Counter, DoubleClick Floodlight Sales, Google Analytics tagging and more!